19140Born in Yokohama, as the oldest daughter of Giichi Yamamasu and Mariko (given name:Yasuko).Grown up in the family of pious Christians becoming Kanzo Uchimura’s pupils. Named ‘ Yasuko’ by Kanzo Uchimura.
193117Graduated from the Kanagawa Kenritu Yokohama Dai-Ichi Koto Jogakko (Yokohama First Girl’s Highschool, Kanagawa).
193319Entered The elective course in Tokyo Furitu Dai-San Koto Jogakko (Third Girl’s Highschool, Tokyo) and Studied calligraphy under Shoen Yoshida.
1936-5022-36The family held the Sunday Gathering of the biblical lecture at Imai Auditorium in a central role.
193723Apprenticed under Shokin at Shogakuin in Kamakura. Learned Kana calligraphy of the Heian era under Shokin.
Exhibited at ‘Dai Nihon Shodoin-ten’ (Exhibition of Greater Japan Calligraphy Association, exclusive judgement by Tenrai) and awarded.
193925Exhibited at ‘Koa Shodo Renmei-ten’ (Exhibition of Association for the Promotion of Asian Calligraphy) and awarded the prize of Transportation Minister of Republic of China.
1940~194826-34Served as an assistant to Shokin at the instruction course of Shogakuin.
194733Awarded the special prize at ‘Dai Nikai Nihon Shodo Bijutsuin-ten’ (Second Japan Calligraphy Fine Art Association Exhibition, founded by Shunkei Iijima in 1945).
194834Exhibited by an invitation and awarded the special prize at ‘Dai Ikkai Shodo Geijutsuin-ten’ (First Shodo Art Association Exhibition, founded in 1947).
Married to Nankoku Hidai.
195238Appointed judge for exhibition of ‘Nihon Shodo Bijutsuin-ten’.
195339Studied new variant form of Kana letter based on the cursive style of Wang Xizhi(王羲之).
Showed at Mainichi Shodo-ten (Mainichi Calligraphy Exhibition), etc.
195541Created works of contemporary poems using oil painting and ink.
Showed at Mainichi Shodo-ten (Mainichi Calligraphy Exhibition), etc.
195642Cooperated with Nankoku in his planning and project of “Hidai Tenrai Kinen Zen’eisho-ten” (Avant-Garde Calligraphy Exhibition in Memory of Tenrai Hidai).Exhibited ten works there.
1959-7245-58Served as judge at Mainichi Shodo-ten (Mainichi Calligraphy Exhibition).
Nankoku’s first visit to the U.S.
196147Proposed holding “Tenrai Igyo-ten” (Exhibition of Tenrai Hidai’s Works and Legacy) to Shogakuin Dojin (Members of Shogakuin) and devoted herself to its planning and managing.
The next year, the exhibition was held at Takashimaya. Exhibited her works there.
196450Started ‘Shokeikai’ as the stage for the pursuit of her own Sho Art and for the exhibition of her works. Recommended for the director of the established ‘ Kana-shodo Sakka-kyokai’(Kana-calligraphy Artist Association).
Held “Dai Ikkai Shokeikai-ten” (First Shokeikai Exhibition, Tsubaki Gallery, Tokyo). Second Exhibition at Mitsukoshi next year.
196551‘Sogen-shodokai’ was established by Otei Kaneko. Shoha became a member of its directors and judges. ‘Sogen-shodokai’ inquired mixed Kanji-Kana calligraphy for writing the modern literary works. Showed her works in the annual “Sogen Exhibition”.
196753Inducted into a member of the steering committee in “Mainichi Joryu-ten” (Mainichi Women Calligraphers Exhibition). Showed her works at the first Exhibition.
196955Restarted publishing by Shogakuin in cooperation with Nankoku. Managed to republish Tenrai’s long-waited works, and the old rare Japanese and Chinese calligraphy books.
197056Proposed to Nankoku that Tenrai’s Exhibition should be held in celebration of the centennial of the Tenrai Hidai’s birth ( in 1872) and framed the plan and project with Shogakuin Dojin.
197258Opened “Hidai Tenrai Seitan Hyakunen-ten” (Exhibition on the Centennial of the Birth of Tenrai Hidai in Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Department Store) on May 23.
Collapsed at the opening ceremony. Died on May 25, at Yokohama City University Hospital, aged 58. On the following day, May 26, the fresh flowers were given by the Crown Princess Michiko (the present Her Majesty the Empress). Displayed by Shoha’s pillow.
The funeral of Shoha Hidai was held at Imai Biblical Auditorium on June 8.
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