Nankoku’s specially reserved news will be reported from the past or from the present.


Vol. 8 Nankoku's Expedition to Europe- --Documents of Hard Struggles—

Shortly after a big-brush performance in New York on May 1, 1965, with Alechinsky, Ting, Sonderborg and others, Nankoku hurriedly headed to Europe (May 5). After his one-man show at Mi Chou Gallery in January, he began to work vigorously toward his activities of calligraphy in Europe. Although overs

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Vol. 7 Artists of the Line

In 1964, Nankoku quietly celebrated the New Year at his home in Yokohama after a long absence. From the end of 1959 to 1963, his wife, Shoha had held twice “the Avant-Garde Calligraphy Exhibition in Memory of Tenrai Hidai" on Nankoku’s visits to the U.S. two times.

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Vol. 6-2 “The Japan Association of Avant-garde Calligraphers” (2)

Founding “The Japan Association of Avant-garde Calligraphers” in 1957 (2)On August 10, 1957, about 70 calligraphers assembled at the temporary auditorium of the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, and the general meeting for the establishment of the "Japan Association of Avant-Garde Calligraphers " was h

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Vol. 6-1 “The Japan Association of Avant-garde Calligraphers” (1)

Founding “The Japan Association of Avant-garde Calligraphers” in 1957(1)On August 15 in 1945, Japan lost a long and disastrous war and people were shrouded in confusion and uncertain anxiety. Among them, some people emancipated themselves from the traditional values and fettered ideas, and projected

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Vol. 5-2 New York New York 2

New York  New York One-man Show In March 1963, according to the letter from Mi Chou Gallery in New York, many citizens were looking forward seeing Nankoku’s new works, so Nankoku became increasingly willing to visit to the United States again.In late September 1963, Nankoku decided to fly out t

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vol. 5-1 New York New York 1

At the end of November 1959, Nankoku visited the United States of America as his first trip to the foreign country.  His stay in the United States lasted for one year and five months until April 1961. He was scheduled to stay there further, but due to his wife's(小葩) illness, he returned home in a hurry.

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Vol. 4-2  Nankoku, Going to the U.S.A. (2)

Another purpose of Nankoku's visit to the United States was to ask whether the calligraphy as his abstract art could not be accepted by Westerners from exotic interests, but could be positioned as a global line art. For this reason, from his first visit to the U.S., he was taking various steps toward the goal of holding a one-man show in New York

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Vol. 4-1  Nankoku, Going to the U.S.A. (1)

Nankoku's first visit to the United States was over a span of 1year and 4 months, from November 26, 1959 to April 1961. Nankoku was invited as a lecturer on Chinese and Japanese calligraphy at Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design (*1) in SanFrancisco.

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vol. 3  The Sounds of Japan

There is a copy of one record jacket. Nankoku‘s work is used on the cover of the jacket, titled“The Sounds of Japan”.

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Vol. 2 New York Times

In January 1965, during Nankoku’s one-man show at the Me Chew(Mi Chou) Gallery in New York, Elise Grilli introduced this one-man show and wrote an article. This article appeared on the New York Times and received a great response. 

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Vol. 1 Kappa (Water imp) Country

The first report of Nankoku’s activities presents his witty essay about the essence of “Sho”in the Asahi Shimbun dated August 1 in 1961, based on his experiences in the first visit to the United States.

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